PGPainless - Painless OpenPGP

OpenPGP (RFC 4480) is an Internet Standard mostly used for email encryption. It provides mechanisms to ensure confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of messages. However, OpenPGP can also be used for other purposes, such as secure messaging or as a signature mechanism for software distribution.

PGPainless strives to improve the (currently pretty dire) state of the ecosystem of Java libraries and tooling for OpenPGP.

The library focuses on being easy and intuitive to use without getting into your way. Common functions such as creating keys, encrypting data, and so on are implemented using a builder structure that guides you through the necessary steps.

Internally, it is based on Bouncy Castles mighty, but low-level bcpg OpenPGP API. PGPainless’ goal is to empower you to use OpenPGP without needing to write all the boilerplate code required by Bouncy Castle. It aims to be secure by default while allowing customization if required.

From its inception in 2018 as part of a Google Summer of Code project, the library was steadily advanced. Since 2020, FlowCrypt is the primary sponsor of its development. In 2022, PGPainless received a grant from NLnet for creating a Web-of-Trust implementation as part of NGI Assure.